So I have been kind of neglectful to this blog… my bad! We just finished the busiest season at work so I have been a tad busy and super tired.

What is new?

I got a new tattoo on my left foot! It says “Hakuna Matata”! I adore it. It is written in the Disney font. It took all of 10 minutes for Steph (amazing artist at Dead Rockstar in Fargo) to do and I am SO pleased.

I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. SO GOOD. Chris Evans is gorgeous. As is Scarlett Johansson. Unlike 99% of the population I am not obsessed with Sebastian Stan. He is a great actor, and a good looking fella… but he just doesn’t ring my bell. Sorry bout it.

I bout a Betta fish (his name is Cap ;short for Captain America) because he is red, white and blue… and a friend jokingly said he is patriotic like the Cap… so the name stuck. He is cute. I love fish! They are SO relaxing to watch.

I started watching “Bates Motel”… obsessed. It is SO GOOD. I am currently on episode five of season two! Halfway caught up. This will be another blog entry all together (note to self).

I am currently reading the Game of Thrones books. I am in book one (prom season) but I am enjoying them. I love the show so the books will be epic. Again, blog topic all its own.

I think I am going to start reviewing things (books, movies, food, shows, etc.) on this blog to see if that helps me update more often. This isn’t my main blogging platform, but this will be my main writing blog so. Whatevs, yo.


Until next time party people.



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