I went to the post office to ship a tuxedo to a friend for her wedding and grabbed the size box I would need and got into line. After waiting for 15 minutes it was my turn so I told the lady I would need to ship this package. She said I had to tape it first. I said there wasn’t any tape on the shipping counter. She said the post office doesn’t provide tape. I had to buy some (“but I didn’t have to pay first”). So I had to get out of line, grab some 5$ tape and tape my box shut… and get back into line for another 20 minutes. I was a tad frustrated. So I asked if I could leave the tape I just purchased so that if someone else came to ship something and didn’t realize they had to have tape they wouldn’t have to buy some there and she said “sure, that is nice of you.” And I said “well I would have appreciated a little help so its the least I can do.” And I left… super annoyed.


I used to ship things a lot… like 1-3 times a month… and I have never had to buy tape. Crazy.


Then I went and bought myself a milkshake. Now I have to get ready for work… when instead I would rather spend this cold and rainy day reading (and napping) in my bed with my dog. Le sigh. Being an adult really stinks.


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