I went to the post office to ship a tuxedo to a friend for her wedding and grabbed the size box I would need and got into line. After waiting for 15 minutes it was my turn so I told the lady I would need to ship this package. She said I had to tape it first. I said there wasn’t any tape on the shipping counter. She said the post office doesn’t provide tape. I had to buy some (“but I didn’t have to pay first”). So I had to get out of line, grab some 5$ tape and tape my box shut… and get back into line for another 20 minutes. I was a tad frustrated. So I asked if I could leave the tape I just purchased so that if someone else came to ship something and didn’t realize they had to have tape they wouldn’t have to buy some there and she said “sure, that is nice of you.” And I said “well I would have appreciated a little help so its the least I can do.” And I left… super annoyed.


I used to ship things a lot… like 1-3 times a month… and I have never had to buy tape. Crazy.


Then I went and bought myself a milkshake. Now I have to get ready for work… when instead I would rather spend this cold and rainy day reading (and napping) in my bed with my dog. Le sigh. Being an adult really stinks.



So, I have been singing for a really long time. Since I was 6… I am not terrible. I am no Christina Aguilera… but I am no William Hung either. I can hold my own. I recorded a song for the first time in a really long time. I had lost my passion for it… but now suddenly I miss it. I am craving it. I miss being on stage and performing. So I sang. It is a rough cover, sang over the original but I did it. And I shared it. Which is huge… but I have spent SO LONG being embarrassed or shy when it comes to singing and I really don’t even know why… so I am dunzo with that. I am going to get back into the theatrical world. It is where I belong! I may be rusty… but I can catch up quick.

My dear friend started her amazing journey today!! I am so happy for her!! And super excited because we are going to be pen pals (legit stamps and letters) while she is gone!!!!


All my love and well wishes my darling Shae!!!

15 Things We Forget To Thank Our Best Friends For

I love this.

Thought Catalog

Parks and Recreation: Season 3Parks and Recreation: Season 3

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My best friends are an extraordinary group of people. They are all so different, yet so much alike. Some friendships I’ve had for years, some are new and growing stronger by the day. Either way, there are some things they all do for every day that I forget to thank them for. I feel like it’s about time to start, because without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

1. Thank you for being there not just when it’s convenient for you, but when it’s not. I know that I can call you at 2am and you’ll come running to my side. We all have our own things to deal with and adjustments to make, but you always take a break from your hectic life to make sure that I’m okay. When I need a shoulder to cry on, I know…

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You know what I miss? Instant messaging. Yes, I know we live in a world of nonstop texting and snapchatting… but there was something fun about MSN messenger or AIM. Maybe I am dating myself here… but that was how I used to stay connected. I am guilty of being too attached to my phone, just like everyone, but I miss signing in to whatever messaging server and chatting with friends. Sometimes I want to disconnect my phone. Just turn it off and put it in a drawer and see if anyone really notices. I grew up without a cell phone. Without facebook and instagram and twitter. Yet, here I am now… a total slave to social media. Now on one level, I know that no one cares what I am feeling or having for lunch.. yet that doesn’t stop me from tweeting “500% done with today” or posting a picture of my sandwich on insta. No one cares. I have never been a big phone talker, and I am still not to this day. If you call me chances are I won’t answer OR I will answer and be off the call within 10 minutes. But by God if you text me, I reply almost instantly. Wow do my priorities suck. I miss writing letters to friends… you know, passing notes? That was fun. Finding new ways to fold the paper and coming up with secret codes. I want to untangle myself from the Internet and social media. I want to be an active person. I want to have actual face to face conversations. I don’t want to text or like someone’s post on facebook. Don’t get me wrong, social media does a lot of good… it keeps us connected easily with friends and family who are far away. I can log in to facebook and see how my family in England is doing. I can jump on twitter and see how wedding planning is going for my friend in Wisconsin. I can browse insta to see how my bestie is doing in film school. I can read another friends newest blog entry about her adventure of moving to the East Coast for a Summer internship. And all of those are amazing reasons to stay connected. But I could also call said people. I could do a lot of things. The moral of the story is I want to unplug sometimes… but I am always afraid I will miss something. Which is super lame considering I am an adult. But whatever. We live in a world where it is easier to like or comment a status than to call someone. I want to go back to basics. I want to have a pen pan I write actual letters and use actual stamps. I want to go to lunch and not once grab my phone. I want to fall asleep without the glow of my phone in my face. I want to enjoy a day outside playing with my dog without having to stop and take a million pictures that no one other than I want to see. I am going to take time away from my iPhone. Sure, it is cool having the world at my fingertips… but sometimes the journey is more fun. Trial and error. I am going to put down my Kindle and go to a bookstore. Turn off my phone and go outside. Stop posting 47 pictures that people like out of habit. I want to connect with people and with life for real and not via a screen. I know it won’t be easy but it is possible… I did it for 16 years. We shall see how this goes. Wish me luck.

Sometimes I tend to over-think things. I completely understand that. But sometimes I think things are accurate and it just hurts. I had something happen today and I am extremely bothered by it. I can’t help but dwelling on it. And I am really upset. I know that I am probably being stupid… but part of me just can’t help but feel jilted. Part of me wants to confront the situation head on because that is very who I am and what I believe in. But at the same time I am partly afraid of what will be said. This whole situation sucks. And Friday can’t get here soon enough. UGH.


ImageSo I just finished watching Graham Norton with guests Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. I am not only even more in love with these guys but I have such a deep appreciation for them it is almost sick… in case you haven’t seen the episode and want to click here… it was such a good interview and the guys were really good sports. I am in love.


So I have been kind of neglectful to this blog… my bad! We just finished the busiest season at work so I have been a tad busy and super tired.

What is new?

I got a new tattoo on my left foot! It says “Hakuna Matata”! I adore it. It is written in the Disney font. It took all of 10 minutes for Steph (amazing artist at Dead Rockstar in Fargo) to do and I am SO pleased.

I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. SO GOOD. Chris Evans is gorgeous. As is Scarlett Johansson. Unlike 99% of the population I am not obsessed with Sebastian Stan. He is a great actor, and a good looking fella… but he just doesn’t ring my bell. Sorry bout it.

I bout a Betta fish (his name is Cap ;short for Captain America) because he is red, white and blue… and a friend jokingly said he is patriotic like the Cap… so the name stuck. He is cute. I love fish! They are SO relaxing to watch.

I started watching “Bates Motel”… obsessed. It is SO GOOD. I am currently on episode five of season two! Halfway caught up. This will be another blog entry all together (note to self).

I am currently reading the Game of Thrones books. I am in book one (prom season) but I am enjoying them. I love the show so the books will be epic. Again, blog topic all its own.

I think I am going to start reviewing things (books, movies, food, shows, etc.) on this blog to see if that helps me update more often. This isn’t my main blogging platform, but this will be my main writing blog so. Whatevs, yo.


Until next time party people.