My dear friend started her amazing journey today!! I am so happy for her!! And super excited because we are going to be pen pals (legit stamps and letters) while she is gone!!!!   All my love and well wishes my darling Shae!!!


You know what I miss? Instant messaging. Yes, I know we live in a world of nonstop texting and snapchatting… but there was something fun about MSN messenger or AIM. Maybe I am dating myself here… but that was how I used to stay connected. I am guilty of being too attached to my phone, […]

Sometimes I tend to over-think things. I completely understand that. But sometimes I think things are accurate and it just hurts. I had something happen today and I am extremely bothered by it. I can’t help but dwelling on it. And I am really upset. I know that I am probably being stupid… but part […]


So I just finished watching Graham Norton with guests Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. I am not only even more in love with these guys but I have such a deep appreciation for them it is almost sick… in case you haven’t seen the episode and want to click here… it was […]


So I have been kind of neglectful to this blog… my bad! We just finished the busiest season at work so I have been a tad busy and super tired. What is new? I got a new tattoo on my left foot! It says “Hakuna Matata”! I adore it. It is written in the Disney […]